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A stackable incubator shaker is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment used to simultaneously incubate and agitate biological samples, such as cell cultures, microbial cultures, or other types of biological materials. The "stackable" feature allows multiple units to be placed one on top of the other, optimizing space in the laboratory.

Key Features and Functions

  • Incubation: The incubator component maintains a controlled environment for the growth and maintenance of biological samples. This includes precise temperature control, often with options for humidity and CO2 control, which is essential for cell culture.
  • Shaking: The shaker component agitates the samples to ensure even mixing and oxygenation. This is crucial for the growth of microorganisms and cell cultures that require constant movement to remain in suspension and for optimal growth conditions.
  • Stackability: The ability to stack multiple units vertically allows laboratories to maximize the use of limited space. Each unit operates independently, which means different experiments can be run simultaneously under varied conditions.


  • Microbial Culture: Growing bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in liquid media. The shaking ensures that cells are evenly distributed and well-aerated.
  • Cell Culture: Cultivating mammalian, insect, or plant cells that require a controlled environment and gentle agitation to promote healthy growth.
  • Protein Expression: Used in biotechnology for growing cultures that express recombinant proteins.
  •  Fermentation: Small-scale fermentation studies where controlled temperature and agitation are critical for optimizing the process.

Example Usage

Imagine a biotechnology lab that needs to conduct multiple experiments involving the growth of E. coli for protein expression. With a stackable incubator shaker:

Step 1: Setup

The lab can stack several incubator shakers, each set to different temperatures and shaking speeds according to the specific requirements of each experiment.

Step 2: Loading Samples

Culture flasks or bottles containing the E. coli and growth medium are placed inside the incubator shakers.

Step 3: Operation

The incubators maintain the desired temperature, while the shakers ensure continuous agitation, promoting optimal bacterial growth and protein production.

Step 4: Monitoring and Adjustments

Monitoring the conditions through control panels and make adjustments as needed without disturbing other experiments.

Step5: Outcome

Efficient use of space allows the lab to run multiple experiments in parallel, increasing productivity and throughput.

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