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Lab1st Shaker series can be divided to different types as per different motion models, including orbital shaker, linear shaker, rocking shaker, 3D shaker.


A laboratory shaker is an instrument that helps to form a uniform mixture of multiple ingredients. Laboratory shakers are widely used in industries as diverse as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and electronics, as well as laboratories involved in life sciences, wastewater treatment and biotechnology, and are an essential part of many laboratories. Lab1st lab shakers and rockers are designed to provide outstanding performance, accuracy and repeatable results for your application needs. 

    • Orbital Shaker: orbital shaker is ideal for applications like bacterial suspension, solubility studies, growth of bacteria and yeast, extraction procedures, washing procedures, diagnostics tests, hybridization, general mixing, staining & destalning, mixing and extracting, etc. It is suitable for mixing in culture dishes, flasks and breakers. Ideal for aeration and extraction applications. Our Orbister 250 and Orbister 330 orbital shakers can be used in environmental chambers and CO2 incubators, Orbister 250 basic and Orbister 330 basic orbital shakers are suitable for almost any vessel from micro-centrifuge tubes through petri dishes and microplate to conical flasks.
    • Linear Shaker: It is suitable for mixing in culture dishes, flasks and beakers. Ideal for aeration and extraction applications. Our Recipster 330 and Recipster 250 linear shakers can be used in environment chambers and CO2 incubators.
    • Rocking Shaker: Our Wavester 330 and Wavester 250 basic rocking shakers are designed for time-dependent and low rpm sensitive shaking application such as ELISA washes, enzyme immunoassays, proteinsynthesis, immune precipitation, cell culture, etc.
    • 3D Shaker: Our 3D-ster 330 is a 3-dimensional rocking motion with an angel of 9° shaker, usually used for uniform shaking mixing in flasks, culture flasks, petri dishes and tubes. Ideal for culturing a variery of cell cultures, DNA extractions, distributing of cells and gel staining & destaining of cells.
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Shaker Accessories

Lab1st Shaker Accessories are suitable for our shakers. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main concern in the development of Lab1st's shaker accessories.
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