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Preparing a lab for new research can challenge any researcher. We’re committed to making it easier by helping you stretch your budget with our New Lab Startup Program.

After years of intense work, you've reached a career milestone! Then and now, we are here to support you. To celebrate this important achievement, Lab1st is offering a 15% discount on the first 2 months of new labs. When you register for our program, you’ll work with expert scientists to get insights and discounts on products you know you’re going to need - not something we want you to buy.

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Why Choose Lab1st Eshop

  • We offer a large discount rate, allowing customers to save money and get the most out of their purchase.

  • We provide a wide selection of products ranging from pipettes to fume hoods. It ensures you will always find what you need for occasions.

  • We offer the lowest supplier prices on our products. Get the best value and service with our special pricing.

" Lab1st's New Lab Startup Program has assisted us with getting started on basic but important assays immediately upon opening the lab. It has helped us build and improve preliminary work. "

--New Lab Startup Participant

How do you qualify

  • Moving your lab to a new location

  • Receiving your first research grant

  • Starting a new lab


Yes, the whole process is totally free.

You can always join the program and if you’re not, someone will reach out to you to let you know. There’s no obligation for registering for the program.

Of course. Join today and we can work with you to create a quote.

It can take up to 1-2 business days for the appropriate sales representative to reach out, as they are segmented by region and product workflow.

  • Minimum order ≥1000USD or at least 3 items.
  • There is no limit on the number of orders the customer places in the 2 months period.
  • Available product lines:
  • Customised products or services are not included. Contact for details.
  • Program participants must be from an academic institution.
  • The 2 month period starts on the day the code is received and finishes exactly 2 calendar months after this date. For Example, 1st Sep 08:00 to 1st Dec. 08:00
  • The discount offered by distributors in these countries/regions may differ to the discount offered by Lab1st. Please contact your local distributor for more information.
  • Promo code cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.
  • To qualify for the new lab promotion, your lab must have been opened within the last 6 months.
  • Usual shipping charges apply (shipping cost does not enjoy discount).

Recommend Lab Equipment for You



Pipette or pipet is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemical, biological, and medical transportation to measure the volume of liquids, often as a media dispenser. Lab1st carries a wide range of pipette styles and brands allowing for optimized solutions in every field of study. We provide 1 channel, 8 channels and 12 channels to meet the different needs. 

  • Achieve precise pipetting, calibration standards higher than ISO 8655-2
  • Patented technology design, nearly 20 years of production technology, quality guaranteed
  • Long product life of more than 100,000 suction and discharge operations
  • Various models are available, from half-tube sterilization to whole-tube sterilization.
  • Wide measuring range, single channel fixed, single channel adjustable, 8 channels and 12 channels adjustable, measuring range from 0.1μL to 10mL
  • Ergonomic design provides perfect operating experience
  • Compatible with most brands of tips
  • Online calibration is available and maintenance is simple and convenient
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Mini Centrifuge

Mini Centrifuge

Lab1st Centrifuge series includes palm micro centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges (refrigerated and non-refrigerated), hematocrit centrifuges and low speed centrifuges.

Refrigerated Centrifuge is compact instrument ideal for centrifugation of temperature-sensitive samples such as living cells, animals or proteins. Our interchangeable rotors and adaptors to accomodate a wide range of sample volumes from 0.2ml to a few liters. And our model can reach up to 21380 × g.

High-speed centrifuge is used in a broad range of laboratory applications, including the separation of proteins, DNA, RNA and other biological molecules. Lab1st high-speed centrifuge operates at high speed, typically exceeding 15000rpm, and can create a relative centrifugal force of over 15000 × g. The angular momentum of each particle is affected by this force, leading to separation based on their mass or density.

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Lab Balance

Lab Balance

Laboratory Balances are essential instruments used in regular daily laboratory operations, such as percentage calculations, tablet counting and prescription weighing. Lab1st provides analytic balance, high precision balance and semi-micro balance.

Analytic balance is completely enclosed, it protects against dust and airflow, and very small mass changes can be detected to ensure the most accurate measurements.

Precision balance is also encapsulated to prevent electrical currents during measurement, but is less sensitive to small changes in mass. Precision balances usually have a higher capacity than analytical balances.

Semi-micro balance is a laboratory analytical balance designed to measure small sample volumes with high precision and enhanced performance. Semi-microbalances have higher sensitivity than conventional analytical balances and can perform measurements in the milligram range.

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Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers

Lab1st Magnetic Stirrers have a wide range to handle various quantities, from 0.4L to 20L, some of them use LCD/LED to show real-time speed, our stirrers' speed control up to 2000rpm.  Whether ceramic or aluminum, our magnetic stirrers are built for durability and reliability.

We also provide multi-channel stirrers (Multi-pointRO series). Efficient, safe and multi-position agitator makes them to be the best choice for sample testing, high performance and space-saving design to maximize the use of benchtop space and saving time by stirring multiple solutions, what's more, brushless DC motor and powerful magnetic ensure fast and accurate stirring speed.

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A laboratory mixer is a complete system for mixing different samples to obtain a uniform mixture of materials. Lab1st offers a wide range of mixers, paving the way for reliable mixing, homogenization and emulsification of a variety of samples. Learn about vortex mixers, tube rotators, roller mixers, seesaw rockers, and microplate mixers capable of handling a wide range of sample viscosities and solubilities. We offer digital and analog equipment with speeds up to 3000RPM and various types of working modes. Trust Lab1st to provide the versatile mixer for all your sample preparation, QA analysis and R&D work.

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A laboratory shaker is an instrument that helps to form a uniform mixture of multiple ingredients. Laboratory shakers are widely used in industries as diverse as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and electronics, as well as laboratories involved in life sciences, wastewater treatment and biotechnology, and are an essential part of many laboratories. Lab1st lab shakers and rockers are designed to provide outstanding performance, accuracy and repeatable results for your application needs. 

    • Orbital Shaker: orbital shaker is ideal for applications like bacterial suspension, solubility studies, growth of bacteria and yeast, extraction procedures, washing procedures, diagnostics tests, hybridization, general mixing, staining & destalning, mixing and extracting, etc. It is suitable for mixing in culture dishes, flasks and breakers. Ideal for aeration and extraction applications. Our Orbister 250 and Orbister 330 orbital shakers can be used in environmental chambers and CO2 incubators, Orbister 250 basic and Orbister 330 basic orbital shakers are suitable for almost any vessel from micro-centrifuge tubes through petri dishes and microplate to conical flasks.
    • Linear Shaker: It is suitable for mixing in culture dishes, flasks and beakers. Ideal for aeration and extraction applications. Our Recipster 330 and Recipster 250 linear shakers can be used in environment chambers and CO2 incubators.
    • Rocking Shaker: Our Wavester 330 and Wavester 250 basic rocking shakers are designed for time-dependent and low rpm sensitive shaking application such as ELISA washes, enzyme immunoassays, proteinsynthesis, immune precipitation, cell culture, etc.
    • 3D Shaker: Our 3D-ster 330 is a 3-dimensional rocking motion with an angel of 9° shaker, usually used for uniform shaking mixing in flasks, culture flasks, petri dishes and tubes. Ideal for culturing a variery of cell cultures, DNA extractions, distributing of cells and gel staining & destaining of cells.
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Bottle-Top dispensers can help reduce reagent loss, save time and increase work efficiency. In addition to facilitating everyday lab tasks, bottle-top dispensers can increase productivity by speeding up the entire lab experiment process. Lab1st bottle dispenser also offers fast, precise volume adjustment and comes with a drip-proof cap to prevent accidental leakage. All of our bottle dispensers are easy to clean and come with dedicated tools to help with simple maintenance procedures. Importantly, Lab1st's bottle dispensers are resistant to corrosive liquids and most acids.

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The autoclaves (laboratory sterilizers) from Lab1st specially developed for laboratory sterilization applications, makes processes safer, easier, accurate, reproducible and validatable. Lab1st provides from 18L to 296L to choose.
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