Collection: Industrial Water Chiller

Lab1st LSJ-series industrial chiller is an air-cooled chiller, which plays a cooling role in the production process. Accurate temperature control can promote productivity and improve product quality. 

Key Features:

  • Trapezoidal internal thread structure, efficiency increased by 30%
  • High-end compressor, stable refrigeration
  • Round water tank, sanitary without dead Angle
  • Uniform temperature; M type high efficiency heat transfer fins
  • High efficiency low noise fan, low noise

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  • 22Kw Industrial Water Chiller 69Kw Cooling Capacity Water Cooling System
  • 10.5Kw Industrial Water Chiller 35Kw Cooling Capacity Water Cooling System
  • 5.3Kw Industrial Water Chiller 18Kw Cooling Capacity Water Cooling System