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Hotplace is the professional lab equipment. A fixed safety circuit, hot top indicator and error code display are provided to increase the safety. Lab1st has a variety of lab heating plates to help you safely heat your lab samples. Microprocessor-controlled instruments provide accurate and repeatable results. You can choose from digital and non-digital heating plates with durable aluminum tops that won't crack or chip, or chemical-resistant ceramic plates that are easy to clean. To heat and stir at the same time, try a stirrer/hot plate with an integrated magnetic stirrer. Functionality, safety and longevity are the main goals in the development of Lab1st Hotplate. Find them at Lab1st!

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  • 6'' LCD Digital Hotplate Max Temp. 380℃
  • LED Digital 7’’ Square Glass Ceramic Hotplate Max Temp. 550°C
  • LED Digital 10’’ Square Glass Ceramic Hotplate Max Temp. 500°C